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Data security

Data security can be split into two major parts. Firstly the type of hard drives used in the server and its configurations. Lastly the server’s physical placement. Most server hosting provider’s costs are greatly affected by the power supply found in the server. By doing this, they want to encourage people to use as small power supply as possible. Unfortunately, without a great power supply, it is hard to create a good performance. So we decided that we will spend money on a Dell Poweredge 2900 server, which has a quad core Xeon processor, 2x930 W redundant power supply, which is capable of transferring data  500MB/s and we use 15000 rpm SAS HDDs. These configurations ensure that if the power supply or a HHD becomes damaged, the server will still be running.

And as for the safety of the server, we have placed it at one of the biggest server room, which provides great bandwidth and the server is watched by security 24/7.