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Webhosting Availability


In the last period of time we had most of the problems with our provider’s availability, this is another reason why we decided to start our own server. Provider’s tend to give away more accessibility, then they can actually cope with. Our last provider was doing fine for the first half year, and then they have expanded throughout the country, which their software and hardware could not cope with. At the last quarter of the year, one website was shutting down after another, which has caused a large loss and extra work for us. Also our trust were slowly destroyed with our partners, because of the constant shut downs. Of course some companies are not using their web space properly and by the time they shut down they could have already caused a lot of problems. We hope that it won’t be the same with our services.

Of course one other matter to do with availability is whether you are able to contact the service provider or not. Unfortunately we had many bad experiences. There are companies who do not even give away a phone number. Our last provider had a phone number available, of course only available on working days, during work times, but for phone calls the answer always was to send an e-mail, which was never replied to. We cannot provide 24 hour availability either, but our last 10 years spent in the computing market, has shown that our customers are satisfied.