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A one-time installation from £30

One-time installation

The creation of a static website costs from £5 /page price. One standard page can only have a maximum of 1000 characters and 10 pictures per page. Any pages that exceed these limits will be paid at a agreed price.


Dynamic webpage one-time installation costs £80 .

This includes the base system installation as well as a maximum of 10 page of content and a maximum of 10 extensions or modules installation. These extensions can be community building, small adverts, and forum, picture or video collection components. We also accept the any of the free components that we used at the creation of our websites. Any paid components will cost more due to the work of implementing these components.


If you don’t have much experience with computers, we can also create the wanted content if we have a handwritten copy of the information that you wish to add to the website. From these handwritten information we will create its electronic counterpart and add it to the website.