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Domain hosting Domains criteria for choice

Domains criteria for choice

The new website will be visited by guests and potential customers who will only find the website by the domain name.


Easy to remember

If the domain name is easy to remember by your customers, they will visit it regularly. The domain name should connect to the name of the business or the businesses’ work. The shorter the name is the easier for anyone to remember and there is less risk in misspelling or mistyping the name.


Search engine optimisation

The most important point of search engines is that the domain name should be easy to find, and the domain name is created from the most obvious words.


Every name is taken, what can I do?

If the domain name is already taken, sometimes it is as simple as changing one or two letters (e.g. engineers.co.uk instead of engineer.co.uk). Also sometimes including the name of the city or area in the domain name can also help. If the tips above do not work, you can also add one very simple extra word to the domain name.


The ending

In England one of the most used endings for websites is .co.uk, most potential visitors, will use .co.uk ending if they live in the UK. However if your target country is not the UK, then you should use the ending of your target (e.g. .hu for Hungary). However if the ending matched to the target market’s location and all the domain names are taken, you should consider using .net or .info as well.