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 The developed society’s interest and buying habits has moved towards the electronic methods, because of this every business that plans to keep up with their competitors and wish to develop further must use the Internet. We have used our own websites over the years and so we have learnt how websites work step by step. Now we have reached a point where we can share our knowledge with others. Our services include website creation, content uploading, and the creation of a unique design. So you only need to explain what you want to get from the website, and you can even take part in the design creation personally. Sharing different pictures and documents in any format and we will make sure to adjust and place these on your website. We also have a partner available who has been working on printing preparations for years. Therefore we can also offer the creation of leaflets and similar forms of advertisement.


Main webpage types

Static websites:

Its main features are that they have permanent content, so the information flow only works one way. Visitors are only able to look at or download content from the website. But the content can’t be changed or personal details, orders and comments cannot be added to the website.

This should only be used by businesses who just want to give out information on what the business is, what products are sold and its unique points.


Dynamic websites

Dynamic websites main features it that the content is always changing. Therefore both the operator and the visitors can continuously change the content. In the background of these, different engines (php, html, flash, cms) run and these are shown from the content database. A user cannot see this, for a user this is a website system full of information and changes all thetime. However, these do require more functions to be given from the server.


Must haves

To create a website on and to make it appear on the World Wide Web, you will need the following:

-          Domain name (the webpage will be found under this name)

-          Domain server ( a physical computer on which the different information can be found for the site and connects to the world wide web)

-          Ensuring content (before you even start, you should think through, what content needs to be published and whether they are available in the needed quality)

If any of these are not met, they should be achieved, because no one else can gather, write down this information.


Search engine optimisation

Because of having too many websites using a search engine, everyone needs to optimise for search engines. This means that with the different settings of the website are changed to the most popular search engines liking. For this, unfortunately, there is no free alternative. It might not worth it for a small company or sole trader to spend too much money for professional software, it is more appropriate to appoint a company who works in this area (such as us). The other expectation is to register the website into as many search engines as possible for better ranking. Last but not least, a link shortcut to your website can be placed on other better known websites. To achieve these we accept a payment made once for a shorter period of advertisement or for continuous payments too.


Joomla as main engine

During our work we have chosen Joomla as our main engine. This is one of the world’s most widely used free php portal, which has thousands of free plugins available. The software itself is modular structured, so we can create a website with unique properties with ease. There are thousands of templates to choose from for free or to buy, which allows to add a new look to a website within minutes. But there are also different software’s which allows for the creation of the website design, so you can make your website unique. The controls can be learnt in a couple of months, but if enough time is given, you’ll be able to fully control it in a short period of time.