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Our company has been trading with computing goods for 10 years. As in the last couple of years online trading has become a major route to trade, we have also first rented different web shop services. The structure of these and it's opportunities are limited, also unwanted adverts can be confusing. When we wanted to solve these problems, we have searched around for other possibilities, but most of the time we have got unrealistic offers. Over the years we have used a stock control and invoice maker software, which for is was convenient and the offered hundreds of thousands of software’s which could not even be approached by other software’s capabilities. So we have decided that we will create a web shop to the software that we were used to. The company that we have hired could not achieve its promises and after a year’s time we have separated and on the summer of 2010 we have taken matters into our own hands to control our web shops design. Since then we could finish all the required tasks ourselves. We have of course hit other problems from our server provider. After many months of promises, they could not fix their servers up to an acceptable standard, so we have created our own virtual and physical server.


Over the years, after passing these problems , we have decided to use our knowledge and to give a complete solution to small businesses in the same situation as us.


We recommend our reference page, and if any of these are to your liking we are happy to help those who are interested.